The Newberry Website Goes Mobile-Friendly | Newberry

The Newberry Website Goes Mobile-Friendly

June 2015

The Newberry re-launched its website this week, introducing changes small and large for a variety of different users. The new features update pre-existing design elements, while also accommodating the increasing proportion of mobile traffic to the site.

For visitors accessing the Newberry through a desktop web browser, little will have changed, though a redesigned homepage and select landing pages will serve as a more effective portal for all things Newberry, and “share this page” icons will allow for greater social media integration. The structure of the site for desktop users remains substantially unchanged.

The mobile user experience, however, has been enhanced dramatically. A responsive theme now reconfigures pages to better suit the dimensions of smaller screens. On phones, for example, the Newberry homepage consolidates to display essential on-the-go information like hours and directions to the library; a “radiator” button in the upper left corner provides access to the rest of the site by launching a sliding menu system oriented around touches rather than clicks.

As phones and tablets account for a greater share of overall Newberry web usage (rising over the last four years from 5 to almost 25 percent), the creation of a mobile-friendly interface has taken on greater significance. Now the Newberry website brings a new ease to the inquisitive browsing of all our users, regardless of the devices through which they seek to learn about the Newberry’s collections, programs, and services.