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The Newberry and CARLI

Although the Newberry is an independent research library, it does not always act alone. The Newberry participates in many partnerships and consortia which allow it to extend its reach and accomplish projects it would not be able to do on its own. One example of this is the Newberry’s membership in the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI).

Although Illinois academic libraries have acted consortially for over 30 years, since CARLI began operations in 2005, the collaboration has grown quickly. CARLI is now one of the premiere library consortia in the United States, with 145 member libraries.

Some of the benefits of CARLI membership include:

  • Shared online catalog
  • Shared Electronic resource licensing agreements
  • SFX link resolver
  • Digital collections (the digital Chicago Genealogist, for example)
  • Training and continuing education for staff

The Book Digitization Initiative is a CARLI project in which the Newberry participates regularly. This initiative provides an opportunity for CARLI members to allow patrons everywhere access to physical collections through digitization. Over 7,700 books, theses, serials, yearbooks, and pamphlets from 45 CARLI member libraries have been digitized through the CARLI Book Digitization Initiative and are available on the Internet Archive. Watch for more information on the Newberry’s participation!

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