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NARA News: Chief Innovation Officer Appointed

A new position, Chief Innovation Officer, has been created at the National Archives and Records Administration. Pamela Wright was recently named as the first to take on this job. In her prior position as Chief Digital Access Strategist , Wright launched many of the National Archives’ social media platforms, including the “Citizen Archivist Dashboard,” in an attempt to make NARA records more accessible online.

If you haven’t taken a look at the Dashboard, it allows one to:

  • Tag NARA images
  • Share your scans or photographs of NARA records in the Citizen Archivist Research group on Flickr
  • Edit articles in the NARA wiki
  • Participate in the Old Weather Project

NARA has issued a press release with additional information. Based on Ms. Wright’s track record, we’re looking forward to seeing what next year’s innovations will be.

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