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A Guide to the 2022 Newberry Book Fair

After a three-year hiatus, the Newberry Book Fair is coming back July 29-31 from 10am to 6pm. The essence of Book Fair remains the same; for example, you’ll still find an unfathomable number of used books at reasonable prices. But some things have changed a little. To help you get the most out of your Book Fair experience, we’ve put together the following prep guide.

Give yourself time to browse

Book Fair shopping is like thrift store shopping: the ideal approach is to browse within broad categories instead of hunting for specific titles. Who knows, you may come across the specific edition of Anna Karenina that’s eluded you for years. Odds are, however, you won’t find everything on your shopping list. But that’s exactly the point! Expecting the unexpected is a feature of Book Fair, not a bug. Come in with an open mind and give yourself time to sift through your favorite genres, and you’ll walk away with delightful discoveries that you didn’t see coming.

Study the Book Fair map in advance (if you want)

You can pick up a map of the Book Fair rooms when you arrive. Or, if you’re a type-A planner, you can study the map and plot your route through the Newberry ahead of time.

The 2022 Book Fair is bursting with some 40,000 used books in more than 70 categories. It’s impossible to leaf through them all. You may want to use the Book Fair map to view the categories and strategize where you’d like to spend your time. Or you may want to just wing it! Either approach is fine. Just know you have the option to view the Book Fair map in advance.

View the map.

Take advantage of the squirreling station

At some point, you may find yourself unable to continue shopping because you’re carrying an uncomfortable number of books. That’s where our squirreling station comes in handy. Leave your selections with one of our attendants and pick them up when you’re done shopping and ready to checkout.

Bring cashless payment options

The 2022 Book Fair will be cashless. We’ll accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express),Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Bring your own bags

Help us go green by bringing your own bag (preferably one that’s sturdy enough for all the amazing new books you’re going to buy).

Consider multiple trips to Book Fair

Heraclitus said you can’t step into the same river twice. The same is true of Book Fair. We’re constantly restocking and replenishing the shelves with our eclectic and unpredictable inventory. So the selections available to you one day could be completely different the next.

Everything is half-price the last day of Book Fair (Sunday, July 31)

On the first two days of Book Fair, most books are priced at just a few dollars. On the final day of the sale, we’re cutting those prices in half!

Be the first to shop Book Fair

Members of the Newberry at the Authors level and above ($100/year) get special access to Book Fair before it opens to the public. This year, Preview Day will take place from 10am to 6pm on Thursday, July 28.

Not a member? It’s not too late to become one in time to receive your ticket to Book Fair Preview Day. Call us at (312) 255-3581 or email contributions@newberry.org.


Email us at contributions@newberry.org.