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Fall Workshop Success

Thanks to all who attended Saturday’s High-Tech, Low-Tech: Old-Fashioned Genealogy Meets the 21st Century workshop with Thomas MacEntee, Marsha Peterson-Mass and Matt Rutherford. It was a great day to add new techniques to our genealogy “tool-boxes”. For those of you who didn’t make it, be sure to stop by the genealogy reference desk to chat - we’re always happy to answer your research questions.


Thank you for posting this! I know that some pepole are just so excited to get their information out there that they use whatever they have.When you're building a genealogy site, the purpose isn't to make money, but merely to have a place for your information. One thing I think that is overlooked is the capability of Family History programs to generate a decent site (PAF specifically), though often the sites are very large depending on your ged file.Getting the correct tools doesn't have to cost a dime, but there will be time to invest to learn the ropes.I sincerely wish Microsoft would remove it's webpage options though. Sigh!
Thanks for this helpful post. I use Feedburner as my feed prvdioer. The basic service is free and it gives you some excellent statistics on your subscribers. I then use BlogBridge as my RSS reader. It is also free and allows you to divide your feed subscriptions into guides which are groupings around a common topic. This helps organize your subscriptions. I am surprised that some of the well known sites you mention still do not have RSS. Bill Ives

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