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Core Collections

Heures a l'usaige de romme... Wing ZP 539 .H224.

Heures a l’usaige de romme… 1524. Wing ZP 539 .H224.

At the heart of the Newberry is a set of collection strengths that have continued to grow over many decades, attracting scholars and other readers, and serving as the focus for our research activities. This core involves original sources in a variety of formats, such as books, manuscripts, maps, images, and music. In most cases it is supported by secondary materials, including monographs and periodical literature. The core collections are not completely distinct from each other but rather intersect and overlap at many points.

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To explore the collections in more detail, consult our Catalogs and Guides. See also our Research Guides to learn more about the breadth and depth of the collections. Further, the Newberry’s own Digital Resources and Publications directly involve our core collections.