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Conversations at the Newberry

Two speakers. No moderator. One free-ranging conversation on a topic steeped in history and yet palpably of-the-moment. “Conversations at the Newberry” is intended to be the out-loud, public equivalent of what happens here every day when readers encounter books and manuscripts. It brings to the Newberry pairs of authors who are deeply interested in and knowledgeable about a humanities-related topic that deserves attention today and into the future.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Conversations at the Newberry
Jacqueline Stewart and Alexandra Zapruder
Why do we take videos of our personal lives? How do they affect individuals, families, and communities? Who “owns” these artifacts of history? Now that everyone with a phone has the power to document their daily lives in living color, how do we determine what is worth recording and watching and what to preserve?