Upcoming Chicago Culture Seminars

This list is of upcoming seminars only. Since most seminars meet more than once in a term, if a class has already met at least once, it will no longer show up on this list. To find a seminar that has already started or has finished, visit Programs and Events and set the date range to include the seminar’s starting date.

Starting September 12, 2015
Saturdays, September 12 – November 14
Led by Diane Dillon
Seminar Description Through a series of walking tours, we will explore Chicago’s public art riches, including murals, commemorative statues, architectural sculpture, commercial decorations, and park designs. We will pay special attention to the role...
Starting October 8, 2015
Thursdays, October 8 – 29
Led by Ginger Frere and Matt Rutherford
Seminar Description Think the Great Chicago Fire burned everything you might use to discover what the city was like in its early days? Think again! Join us as we explore a gold mine of pre-Fire treasures−many drawn from the Newberry’s collections−...
Starting October 14, 2015
Wednesdays, October 14 – November 18
Led by Bill Savage
Seminar Description Cities and nature seem to be opposites. The geography of Chicago certainly suggests as much, as the grid of streets screeches to a halt at the edge of Lake Michigan. But poetry and fiction by Chicago writers suggest a more...