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Caption Contest (Image Source: The School of Recreation...)

Winning caption: “Nostradamus dear, remind me: what was that vision you had about a man named Hitchcock?” – Steven Moot

Image source: The School of Recreation; or, A Guide to the Most Ingenious Exercises… Robert Howlett, 1736. Call number: 3A 1854.


Watch this Marie! A pocketful of Doritos gets them every time!
What? No bees? Rather....
With a castigating sideways glance, she asked if he was the source of that fowl smell.
How did we end up in a Hitchcock movie?
I guess they want us 6 feet apart and wearing a mask
“Don’t worry. One foot away is safe enough for bird flu.”
Oh dear! The bird seed that you purchased must have been industrial strength!
So much for alone time!
I loved your last tweet.
I thought YOU were brining the popcorn.
I am telling you to stop investing in bird seed stock.
Mrs. Bundy: I hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world. Mitch Brenner: It's a matter of perspective, wouldn't you say? (with apologies to Alfred Hitchcock)
Go Home! Save Lives!
Why don't we go see that new Alfred Hitchcock movie.
Have you ever seen the Hitchcock movie called, "The Birds?"
...and on the eight day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Didn't I ask to stop feeding those birds ?
"I distinctly remember, dearest, that you said you were going to bring the breadcrumbs."
Why do birds suddenly appear Every time you are near?
Enough with the bird calls, Horace!
Do you ever feel like you're being watched?
I thought you said this was about the birds and the bees!
"With the Bird Flu we use to sit this far apart."
Reginald, why do I have the feeling we're in a Hitchcock film...?
Maybe I better stop tweeting
Enough Sir! Birds and Bees indeed!
Nostradamus dear, remind me , what was that vision you had about a man named Hitchcock?
You didn't happen to bring an umbrella, did you?
Was that Alfred Hitchcock who just walked by, Dear?
And you were worried about the bird flu!
I think we have just become prey.
"I thought we came out here to get away from your famaily!"
This six foot distancing is for the birds!
So, Alfred, I have this great concept for a movie script!
So, even the birds are checking on our social distancing .....
"I dare say, I do believe they think you are a peacock!"
Darling, what have you been putting in the bird feeders?
Lady Lydia was impressed with The authenticity of Sir Reynold’s Bird calls.
So, Madame, you paid 200 francs in Paris for a perfume called "Graine Pour Oiseaux"? Funny, that translates in English as "birdseed."
Was that Alfred Hitchcock who just walked by, Dear?
I know you said your place was a zoo, but I thought you were being facetious.
Yes. I was a fool. The king was wrong. Social distancing has indeed improved the environment.
Not what I meant when I said I wanted to teach you about the birds and the bees...