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Caption Contest (Image Source: Minerva Britannia)

Winning caption: “Ye Cubs, thou shall win nevermore!” – Lulu Rose

Image source: Minerva Britannia, 1612.


Complying with recommended Covid-19 safety guidelines, The Bristol Renaissance Faire introduces "The Guy & The Goat & The Lute" featuring strolling minstrels and their innovative "quadrupedals only" meal delivery system to pandemic wary revealers.
I am NOT the Jolly Green Giant!
"Trade you my lute for your fruit. What do you say?"
"Black Plague Pandemic got me singin' da Blues"
Grapes of wrath and Ukes of joy. Takes both kinds to appreciate the world in which we live.
A jug of wine, some cheese, and thou are all I need to make me happy. But I don’t know how to make wine or cheese so I brought some grapes and a goat, does that count?
“I feel you, goat. You brought some grapes for our physical well-being. And I brought my lute along, for our aesthetic comforts, while escaping from the pandemic that engulfed the city. But, god damn, we forgot to bring some toilet paper.”
If you were closer...we could be a lot more Closer!
This is a little song I want to sing for y'all now that I wrote back in Westchestershire. And I'd like to dedicate it to my little friend here named Bucky. He's a good little guy and, as you'll hear, we've become very close.
It's true! Music does soothe the savage beast.
So what if we're drunk, huh? We ain't kids anymore!
“Ye Cubs, thou shall win nevermore!”
Last week caption Definite Mistaken Identity! The figure pictured is a Parsley Root not a Parsnip! Parsnip Come to point like a carrot! Look it up! Still a good caption though!
Fair's fair. You eat the leaves, I'll eat the grapes.