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Caption Contest (Image Source:" L’empire des légumes")

Winning caption: “Your honor, this is clearly a case of mistaken identity. I am a parsnip, not a common carrot.” – Arvydas Vanagunas

Image source: L’empire des légumes, 1861. Wing ZP 839 .V42


It's been more than three months since I've seen my hair stylist, so what did you expect?
"and thus I beg you, do NOT become a vegetarian!"
I'm rooting for a vaccine!
"Your Honor, I am firmly rooted in my belief that eating more carrots will not assist with overcoming this terrible pandemic we are going through."
"I'm telling you, this Carrottop comedian is an imposter. I am the one and only true carrottop!"
No haircut for months and NOW you tell me you lost my HAT!?!
Please, enough is enough I can’t stay home anymore my roots need to be done. No one will eat me!
I carrot deeply about all of you exposed to this virus pandemic.
We must do everything to root out the new Corona virus, leafing no germ unstoned.
In this pandemic my roots are showing but my spirit is strong.
To conclude, there is no evidence that the vegan lifestyle will alter human morphology.
See more with Legumes; not just for redheads anymore. Not just ostrichs that put their head in the ground.
If I don't get to a beauty salon soon, I'll be laughed off the podium.
“I am a very stable carrot.”
I didn't mean to do it , Your Honor, but I was a little strung-out at the time.
Yes, I believe in vegetarianism, but this is ridiculous.
Your honor, this is clearly a case of mistaken identity. I am a parsnip, not a common carrot.
“I know the effects of the meat industry on global warming!!! But...there just has to be another way!”
"If I am elected there will be a parsley root in every pot!"
Judge, fruits and vegetables of the jury....we expect the evidence to show unequivocally that the victim was julienned to death by the defendant.
Caption: "Today I may be just a carrot, but I know my roots!"
We must get to the root of the matter.
"What the vegans don't understand is..........."
Beware of the rabbits.
This pandemic is fraying more than just my nerves...
"Glasses? Why would I need glasses?"
Yes. he had long ears and a cotton tail...He ate my family and the radishes next door. Root for me, and sow the seeds for a better future!
I've become what I sell at the farmer's market.
A distraught Mrs. Mirepoix describes the horror of her abandonment to the bottom of the vegetable bin when Cajun temptress Bella Peppa invaded her family forming an Unholy Trinity.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let us first consider the untoward barbarity of boiling fresh vegetables, when it has been proven we are perfectly suitable right out of the ground.