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Caption Contest (Image Source: Cosmographia Universalis)

Winning caption: “News Alert!! Leave Humboldt Park immediately. Chance the Snapper has escaped!” – Bob Shaevel

Image source: Cosmographia Universalis. Sebastian Munster, 1550. Ayer 7 .M8 1550


Having witnessed Naked and Afraid's senseless desecration of the jungle flora and fauna, Big Momma decided to even the playing field.
Mayor Lightfoot enforces closed lakefront order.
Hey, everyone, don't worry about Tom---the monster's teeth can't bite!
I promised you a five-star review on TripAdvisor, didn't I. Now let me go!
Just when I thought this year couldn’t get any worse!
Feed a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Feed a man to a fish and you've created a man-eating fish to eat the hungry.
I told you we should have cooked the fish first!
MOM ! Jonah's playing with that fish again !
"John,! No more Florida vacations!~ It's California from now on!"
"Dude, seriously?!"
You asked for it, Jonah.
I told you not to turn left, I want to keep going out to sea!
News Alert!! Leave Humboldt Park immediately. Chance the Snapper has escaped!
And thus men were born and placed upon the earth, running free upon the land
But I'm not Kosher!
There's nothing like fresh caught.
Who is it? Voice: Flowers. Woman: Flowers for whom? Voice: Plumber, ma'am. Woman: I don't need a plumber. You're that clever shark, aren't you? Voice: [pause] Candygram. Woman: Candygram, my foot! You get out of here before I call the police! You're the shark, and you know it! Voice: Wait. I-I'm only a dolphin, ma'am. Woman: A dolphin? Well...okay.
Don't go out skinny-dipping without your mask on.
Please do not feed the animals. Refunds will not be given to those who violate this order.
Hey Charlie the Tuna - have a candy bar - you try to eat people when your hungry!
Thank god he's got a terrific underbite and the eyesight of a clam!
"If only I had known that in three days' time I would endure the painful ordeal of regurgitating you onto dry land..."
No double dipping!!!!
To an epicure, mouthfeel and texture enhance the dish.
We need a bigger island.
Mom, Tommy's trying to grab one of those teeth, THIS BIG for his collection. Mom! MOM???
"It was this big. I swear the fish I caught was THIS BIG!"
Hey Lennie! Get Honeybun's chew toy! Hurry!
U said Go to Nineveh