E.g., 04/19/2014
E.g., 04/19/2014
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
The Newberry Library Colloquium : Hildreth Meière in Chicago

4 pm

Hildreth Meière (1892-1961) was one of the most talented, prolific, and versatile American muralists of the 20th century. During her 40-year career, she completed approximately 100 commissions for office buildings, churches, government centers, theaters, restaurants, cocktail lounges, ocean liners, and world’s fair pavilions.

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Milton Seminar
Joshua Scodel, Edenic Freedoms

12 noon

Please register by 10 am Friday, May 16

While many scholars have argued that Paradise Lost celebrates freedom, the nature of such freedom remains unclear. Professor Scodel will contend that the poem in fact embraces the notorious polysemous ambiguities of freedom as an ideal.