Buttoned Up: The Question of Giving Thanks | Newberry

Buttoned Up: The Question of Giving Thanks

Button or bust

Button or bust

Dear Walter:

With Thanksgiving coming up, what are you thankful for?

—Dexter Maas, Lexington, KY

Thankfulness. Gratitude. To the extent that these modalities entail Reflection, an immersion in the Past, they exist in antithetical relation to the Great American Propulsion into the Future—would you not agree? However, we are often grateful for that which enables Self-Preservation or an amplification of Stature: are these not distinctly American qualities? Upon what else must Our Exceptionalism be based? Seen through this filter of National identity, your faithful correspondent, Walter L. Newberry, can be considered nothing less than a True American.

We have established that I am Thankful. But for what and wherefore? What I have in Mind is indeed related to self-preservation, though not in the sense of a Darwinian, biological continuation of Life. It is not mere “SURVIVAL” but “ENDURANCE” to which I aspire. I can already hear your Objection: “But Walter, what is endurance without survival?” Nay, my friend, what is survival without endurance? Ponder that.

How shall I endure, you ask? Why, through the reproduction of my Image, of course—first as one-of-a-kind works of Art and then as infinitely reproducible pieces of merchandise. I have been painted, sculpted, sketched (see my caricature which graces the Frontispiece of this “BLOG”) and, now, pressed upon a one-half-inch Button. These buttons emerge in Droves from some Factory somewhere, and overwhelm this Fair City of ours like a Biblical Event. Wear them proudly, assimilate my Visage into your daily existence, and be thankful for such a quality Product.