British History – Publications about the Newberry Library Collections


Hamlet, from Dramatic Characters or Different Portraits of the English Stage. Case V 181 .239.

Altick, Richard D. Nineteenth Century English Periodicals. The Newberry Library Bulletin 9 (1952): 255-264. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy in checklist area.

Aydelotte, W.O. Nineteenth Century British Pamphlets at the Newberry Library. The Newberry Library Bulletin 6 (1951): 79-181.
Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy in checklist area.

Bond, Donald F. “The Spectator.” The Newberry Library Bulletin 8 (1952): 239-241. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy in checklist area. “The Newberry Library now possesses a complete file of the original sheets of this journal–the best and most famous of the periodical essays of the 18th century.”

Cusk, Sarah. “Checklist of English manuscripts in the Newberry Library, 1500–1865. ” Unpublished, 1997. Call number: Ref Z 6621 N663 E5 1997a. Included in this list are all manuscripts in the Case, Wing, and Graff collections which are either English or by English or American authors.

Hulse, Clark. Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend. Urbana and Chicago: Universiy of Illinois Press, 2003. Call number: Ref DA 355 .H86 2003b. In checklist area. This is a companion to the 2003 Newberry exhibit on Elizabeth I.

Meachen, Edward. “British Government Documents at the Newberry Library.” Unpublished, 1984. Call number: Photocopies at third floor reference desk.

Morgan, William Thomas. A Bibliography of British History (1700–1715) with Special Reference to the Reign of Queen Anne. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Studies, 1934–42. Call number: f 4557 .59. The Library’s copy of this bibliography is annotated with an “N” to reflect the Newberry’s holdings in early eighteenth century pamphlets. Vols. 1 and 2: British pamphlets and memoirs, early eighteenth century. Vol.3: Correspondence, autobiographies, diaries, and journals (section U).

Newberry Library. “English Manuscripts in the Newberry Library Special Collections.” Unpublished, n.d. Call number: photocopies at third floor reference desk.

———. “Recusant Collection.” Unpublished, n.d. Call number: Guide to the Collections, shelved in Reference.

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