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Every book has a story

Every book has a story.

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And Books Wear Jackets

So, the days are drawing in, the fall jackets are coming out of the closet, the frost is on the punkin, and people sigh “Already” when I write the date on their receipts. Fall is here, that season when in Chicago it may be 85 on Tuesday and 27 on Wednesday.

You need to admit that the Season of Holidays is nearly upon us, and make plans accordingly. Among the things you must fit into your plans is that Halloween costume. You simply cannot go to the party as Slave Princess Leia one more year: people are starting to claim you have no other ideas in your head. (As well as whispering that your chain is looking a little rusty, among other observations a Book Fair manager doesn’t expect to hear about you.)

At this blog, we like to help out, so here are a few book-related possibilities you might consider. If some of them involve buying books from a local Book Fair, well, that’s one of the things we like around here, too.

Of course, you could go as Alexander Hamilton. But surely half the other kids on your block will be doing that. And that’s more what I want you to toss into my trick or treat bag: those crinkly green pieces of paper with Alexander Hamilton n them.

The Newberry is big on William Shakespeare ust now, so you could go as the Bard of Avon. (Insert any old joke about bard or Avon here, as you like it.) Or you could go as Romeo, Juliet, Hamlet, or ay one of a dozen possibilities from the plays themselves. A simpler idea would be to take one of the brochures from the Newberry lobby and carry a can of Falstaff (A nice archival touch, since you will have to get this from an antique store.)

For something more Book Fair, you could carry a mystery by Lillian Jackson Braun and one by Stieg Larsson, and go as The Cat Who Bit The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. OR The Girl Who Kicked the Cat Who Drank All the Falstaff Beer. You might add some Dr. Seuss and be The Cat in the Hat Who Read Mysteries With the Girl Who…maybe you could just go as Dr. Who.

Pair any cookbook with prepackaged Asian food and go as LaChoy of Cooking.

Carry a dictionary and a book by Rebecca Wells and challenge people to Define Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit scarier: why not take a book from the Psychology section and see if you can Freuden people?

A book came in about the New York Giants, if you want to scare any Cubs fans in your neighborhood.

Go trick-or-treating with any one of the many diet books we get in the Health section, and watch them scramble in terror to find a treat which is sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free, and non-allergenic. (This could backfire. They might give you THEIR old diet books.)

Or, as I say, people seem to be slightly stunned that October will be upon us tomorrow, and that the year is too swiftly drawing to a close. Want to really frighten people by wearing a genuinely scary book costume?

Go as a Christmas catalog.

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