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Bike Back to the 1919 Chicago Race Riots

Travel back to the 1919 Chicago Race Riots by taking a self-guided bike tour of the areas that saw much of the violence.

The route, based on a tour organized by the Newberry and Blackstone Bicycle Works last summer, starts at 31st Street Beach, where the riots began after Eugene Williams, a black teenager, was killed by a white beachgoer for crossing an invisible racial barrier in Lake Michigan. From there, you'll visit a number of sites of historical significance in the Bronzeville and Bridgeport neighborhoods.

The tour is available on the Vamonde app, where you can follow the route and, at each stop, learn about the history of Chicago's deep-seated racial tensions and how they were ignited in late July of 1919.

You can download the Vamonde app for Apple or Android devices.

Support Black-Owned Businesses

Get breakfast/lunch/dinner from one of these black-owned restaurants along the bike route:

Ain't She Sweet Cafe

Chicago's Home of Chicken and Waffles

Cleo's Southern Cuisine

Pearl's Place

Sip and Savor Chicago

Surf's Up Bronzeville

Truth Italian


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Excellent library and staff. Very helpful.
Thank you.
I find this entire subject on the 1919 Race Riots to be disgusting! It was called The Red Summer! There were more black people killed than any other time in America! These Race Riots occured all over America! Black people were marched off thier propertys while thier homes were set on fire! Black people are the greatest and most resilient people to ever walk the face of this planet and beyond! And yet they have been the most mistreated for 400+ years in America! Everytime they established thier own thriving and progressive towns, they were run out of town and thier propertys were stolen away! America was built on the backs of slavery! A white person living today can say they are not responsible to what happened to black people, but they are now benefitting from the horrible things that happened during and after slavery! Thankfully, black people are waking up and rising up and realizing they have never been free! Only Emancipated from thier Masters! All human life comes from Africa! Blacks are the first people! King James was a black man! Jesus was a black man! Africans were Master Ship Builders, who explored the world and conquered many countrys, including Europe beginning 3,000+ years ago! Europeans were living in caves and elevated themselves to become backward barbarians hundreds of years later! Europe sat at the feet of Africa for hundreds of years where they studied Science, Astronomy, Medicine, etc! Africa taught Europeans how to become civilized and build thier citys! The very first university in the world was established in Timbuktu! The African presence from thousands of years ago is very evident in Norway, Sweden,Italy,etc. In China; Mexico, Spain! Everywhere! Columbus never discovered America! And yet that lie is still being perpetuated! Black people invented so many things such as the first automobile! Henry Ford only mass produced them later! The cell phone.was also invented by a black man! 95% of everything was created by black people! The first slaves brought to America were highly skilled and came from civilizations that were thousands of years old! A lot of those slaves were of great nobility! Unfortunately, there was already slavery going on in Africa long before the white man came in the scene in Africa! White men didn't automatically show up and capture slaves! There were always a lot of tribal fighting from one enemy tribe to another! So, tribes sold thier enemys into slavery to other tribes! So, when the white man came on the scene he saw a profit! Hence the slave trade in America began! Yes! Africas selling other Africans! Very similar to what happens in America today in how black plantation politicians and black pimp preachers have helped sell out thier own people down the river! As black people are being emptied out of every American city under the guise of Racist Gentrification!

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