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Adult Education Seminars

Manly P. Hall, The Yggdrasil Tree, p XCIII. Case B 57 .38 (Oversize). The Newberry Library.

Newberry Adult Education Seminars give lifelong learners the opportunity to dive deep into their favorite subjects in the humanities, from music and literature to history and genealogy.

The schedule for the Winter/Spring 2021 term will be announced on Wednesday, December 9. Registration will open on Wednesday, January 13 at 9am. The winter/spring term will begin Tuesday, February 9 and run through early May with varied start dates to accommodate a variety of schedules.

Fall 2020 virtual seminars are still open! For a list of current seminars, please view our Seminar Schedule. For more information about the Newberry’s virtual seminars, please see our Virtual Seminars FAQ page. If you have questions about online learning, please reach out to

The Newberry Seminars Program is grounded in the idea that people enjoy learning in small classes through an open exchange of knowledge and conversation. Our program offers a stimulating series of non-credit, adult education classes that encourage dialogue on subjects in the humanities that relate to the Newberry’s vast collections. Experts teach literature, music, history, philosophy, religion, language, genealogy, and creative writing in the classrooms of one of the world’s premier research and reference libraries. Seminars range in size, duration, cost, and format.

The Seminars Program includes three terms:

  • Winter/Spring: mid-February through early May
  • Summer: June through early August
  • Fall: mid-September through early December

For more information about registration, including a guide to online registration, see our Registration Information page.