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The 30-year Journey of Chicago's Lager Beer Riot

Led by Brian Alberts. One session. 2 - 5 pm.
Saturday, October 3, 2020
Saturday, October 3

2 - 5 pm

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Seminar Description

In 1855, Chicago’s city government clashed with immigrant communities over their right to drink beer. Though a local event, the riot reverberated in every conceivable direction: emulating past beer riots in the German countryside, subverting statewide prohibition, and looming over the next twenty years of Chicago’s saloon regulation. This seminar embarks on a winding road to, through, and beyond the riot to see how a lone downtown brawl shaped over a quarter century of midwestern history.

One session. Registration – $85

Dr. Brian Alberts is a historian specializing in German immigration and American brewing during the 19th century. Through writing, teaching, public events, and developing collaborative beers, he explores the past through the lens of beer.

Materials List


  • A free digital course packet of additional material, compiled by the instructor and distributed electronically before the seminar begins.

First Reading:

  • Please read Richard Wilson Renner's short article, "In a Perfect Ferment: Chicago, the Know-Nothings, and the Riot for Lager Beer" (a digital file of this reading will be sent with the email confirming your registration).

  • Optional: Brian Albert's article "'Streets as Stages' - The Munich Beer Riots of 1844" from Good Beer Hunting.

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