2012-2013 Newberry Seminar in Borderlands and Latino Studies

2012-2013 Seminars

Friday, November 2, 2012
Borderlands and Latino/a Studies Seminar
“Claiming Californio Memories: The Politics of Cultural Legacies in Southern California” Margie Brown-Coronel, Independent Scholar Creole California, the Market-State, and Homophobically Queered Citizenship in The Mask of Zorro Deborah Cohen, University of Missouri-St. Louis and Lessie Frazier, Indiana University “Visible Frictions: Documentary and Self-Representation in the U...
Friday, December 7, 2012
Borderlands and Latino/a Studies Seminar
“From Border Crossers to Borderlanders: Using Census Records to Understand and Compare the Development of Mixed Culture Communities Along the Texas-Mexico and Maine-Canada Borders, 1880-1930” Carla Mendiola, Southern Methodist University “The Indigenous Immigrant: Comparing Native Immigration from Canada and Mexico in the U.S. Borderlands” Brenden Rensink, University of Nebraska Kearney...
Friday, January 25, 2013
Borderlands and Latino/a Studies Seminar
“Out in the Cold: Urban Radicals, Deportations, and the Mexican Great Migration in Early Cold War Chicago” Mike Amezcua, Northwestern University “Latino Landscapes in Chicago: Transnational History, Architecture, and the Origins of a New Urban America” Andrew Sandoval-Strausz, University of New Mexico Commentator: Ralph Cintron, University of Illinois at Chicago
Friday, February 15, 2013
Borderlands and Latino/a Studies Seminar
“Chicana/o Studies and the Whiteness Problem or Towards a Mapping of Whiteness on the Border” Lee Bebout, Arizona State University “Working Conditions: Latino doctors, Medical Authority, and Civil Rights in Texas, 1900-1963” John McKiernan-Gonzalez, University of Texas at Austin Commentator: Benjamin Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Friday, March 15, 2013
Borderlands and Latino/a Studies Seminar
“Black, White, and Tan: The Expulsion of Mexicans from SNCC and the Formation of a Black Third World Left” Cecilia Marquez, University of Virginia “Puerto Rican Nationalism, the Communist Party, and the U.S. Government during the Cold War: The Challenges of ‘Domestic’ Decolonization” Margaret Power, Illinois Institute of Technology Commentator: Shana Bernstein, Southwestern...
Saturday, April 27, 2013
Borderlands and Latino/a Studies Seminar
Panel 1 “Cucapá Families, Intermarriages, and Migration in the Mexico-U.S. Borderlands”Verónica Castillo-Muñoz, University Of California, Santa Barbara