Workshop on Music as a Cultural Institution in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Mary Springfels

Mary Springfels

Friday, November 22, 1991Saturday, November 23, 1991
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This continued a program initiated in 1988-89 with the goal of integrating music into teaching of other medieval and Renaissance subjects. Teams of faculty from diverse disciplines at selected consortium campuses collaborated to design on-campus symposia to demonstrate points of intersection or parallels between music and other disciplines in the medieval and early modern periods. The Newberry Consort, led by Newberry Musician-in-Residence Mary Springfels, later visited selected classrooms and performed a public concert at each campus. The four institutions participating during 1991-92 were University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Mary Springfels, director, vielles, lutes, viols
Kevin Mason, lutes
Christine Brandes, Ellen Hargis, sopranos

Friday, November 22

Session 1

Music and the Myth of Venice
Stanley Chojnacki, Michigan State University (now at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Musicians: Brandes, Mason

Session 2

Recitative in Seventeenth-Century Europe
Louise K. Stein, University of Michigan

Musicians: Brandes, Mason, Springfels

Saturday, November 23

Campus planning session for faculty from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session 3

Elizabethan Chivalry
Stanford E. Lehmberg, University of Minnesota

Musicians: Hargis, Mason, springfels

Session 4

Problems of Literature and Music in the Italian Trecento
Christopher Kleinhenz, University of Wisconsin-Madison (now emeritus)

Musicians: Hargis, Mason, Springfels

Session 5

Song Traditions at North Italian Courts: Mantua, Ferrara, and Urbino
Donna C. Jackson, University of Minnesota

Musicians: Hargis, Mason, springfels

Campus planning session for faculty from Michigan State University

Campus planning session for faculty from the University of Michigan

Session 6

Gentle Play and Lazy Pleasure: Music as Temptation and Seduction
James A. Winn, University of Michigan (now at Boston University)

Musicians: Brandes, Hargis, Mason, Springfels

Open Discussion: Pedagogical Strategies and Challenges, Medieval and Renaissance Music in the Classroom

Campus planning session for faculty from the University of Minnesota

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