NTC: The Transformation of Chicago's Physical Environment

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Newberry Teachers' Consortium
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Room 101

Cities represent spatial and temporal transformations of the physical environment. Their location and subsequent patterns of growth are dependent in part on the characteristics of the physical environment. In this seminar, participants will explore the theme of transformation through the lens of Chicago’s physical environment – in particular its geology, geography and hydrology – and how these elements influenced its founding and subsequent growth from an isolated fur trading outpost on the western frontier into a major commercial metropolis. Participants will also investigate how human agency has altered Chicago’s physical environment to accommodate a growing population. Seminar readings will include excerpts from various sources, including Donald Miller’s /City of the Century/ and William Cronon’s /Nature’s Metropolis/. Seminar participants will also investigate historic maps from the Newberry’s collection displaying various features of Chicago’s physical environment.

Seminar led by James Montgomery, DePaul University

Newberry Teachers’ Consortium is a subscription program open to Chicago-area teachers.

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