Seminar in Art History: Early Modern European Maps as Art

Jesús Escobar, Northwestern University
Jesús Escobar, Northwestern University
The Map as Tapestry: Pedro Teixeira's 1656 Representation of Madrid
Seminar in Art History
Friday, October 7, 2011

Jesús Escobar, Northwestern University

Pedro Texeira’s Topographia de la Villa de Madrid is arguably the greatest representation of a ciy in the early modern Hispanic world. Measuring slightly less than six feet high and nine feet wide, Teixeira’s map was printed in the studio of Salomon Savery in Antwerp in 1656. It is an invaluable tool for understanding the physical makeup of seventeenth-century Madrid, its buildings, and their ornament. This paper will highlight visual elements such as borders, text, and emblems, to explore the political currency of the image as a representation of Spanish Habsburg power and governance, not unlike a painted canvas or woven tapestry filled with allegory.

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