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The Newberry Library Colloquium

"Introduction to French Paelography"
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

4 – 5 pm

Towner Fellows’ Lounge

Carla Zecher, Director, Center for Renaissance Studies

The Center for Renaissance Studies is planning a digital project called “Introduction to French Paleography.” In this colloquium Carla Zecher will describe the project, which will create a set of online tools to allow users to access, transcribe, and annotate French manuscript documents from the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. Users will be able to teach themselves to read early French handwritings, learn about the history of handwriting styles as well as the production of various manuscript documents, and engage in related online discussions and collaborative research. The site will feature numerous manuscripts from the Newberry collection.

The Newberry Library Colloquium is a weekly gathering of Newberry staff members, fellows, scholars-in-residence, and readers on Wednesday afternoon in the Towner Fellows’ Lounge. Refreshments are available at 3:30 pm and an informal presentation begins at 4 pm, followed by discussion. The talks are varied, but all relate to the Newberry collections in some way. Speakers may describe a current research project, highlight a particular collection, or discuss one of the Library’s many ongoing or special programs. The Colloquium is open to the public and no reservations are required.