Jewell C. Debnam, Morgan State University | Newberry

Jewell C. Debnam, Morgan State University

Friday, September 13, 2019

3-5 pm 

Labor History Seminar

“I will be involved where the action is”: Coretta Scott King’s Life of Activism, Jewell C. Debnam

Coretta Scott King’s role in the 1969 Charleston strike was multifaceted as she traveled around the country to fundraise, walked in marches with the strikers and their supporters, while constructing her own political identity in the wake of her husband’s assassination. King’s involvement with Local 1199 and other labor organizations began well before the Charleston strike and would continue throughout her life. Her role in amplifying labor concerns and conflicts was one aspect of her activist life. Until her death, King used her platform to bring attention to critical national and international issues that impacted marginalized communities.

Respondents: Melanie Chambliss, Columbia University & Liesl Orenic, Dominican University

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