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Angela Vergara, California State University Los Angeles

Friday, September 12, 2014



Center for American History and Culture Programs
Labor History Seminar

“Providing Jobs, Disciplining Workers: Unemployment and Work-Relief in Depression-Era Chile”
Angela Vergara, California State University, Los Angeles

This paper focuses on the organization of work-relief programs in Depression-Era Chile. First, the paper analyzes how international experiences, local political struggles, and economic and budget constraints shaped the ways in which the government organized work relief projects and social assistance. It pays special attention to the placement of workers in construction sites, gold mines, and public land located in the frontier. Second, it looks at work relief projects as contested workplaces, examining the many different ways in which unemployed men attempted to improve working, living, and economic conditions.

Respondents: Chris Boyer, University of Illinois at Chicago; Carmen Kordick, Roosevelt University

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