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Native American Women, Gender, and Feminisms

2011 NCAIS Summer Institute participants

2011 NCAIS Summer Institute

Monday, July 25, 2011Saturday, August 20, 2011


Led by Prof. Jennifer Nez Denetdale,University of New Mexico and Prof. Cathleen D. Cahill, University of New Mexico, Department of History
Center for American Indian Studies Programs
NCAIS Summer Institute

This co-taught course addresses current trends in the study of Native women by approaching the topic both historiographically and methodologically. First we will become familiar with the usefulness of gender as a category of analysis and how Native women have been situated in the scholarship on women and gender. Topics we explore include tribal traditions and gender roles, change and continuity under cycles of colonialism, and contemporary Native gender roles. Participants will be introduced to current studies and discussions on indigenous feminist theories and praxis and the diverse configurations of identity in Native societies such as two spirits and multiple genders. Methodologically, we will discuss how to find Native women’s voices and/or presence in the archives. This means exploring various kinds of sources from material culture to photography and architecture to art. To this end, we will take advantage of the Newberry’s outstanding collections, as well as those of other institutions in Chicago, especially the Field Museum and the National Archives Great Lakes Regional Branch. Please visit NCAIS Zotero Library for the institute readings or view Syllabus.

To Apply

Each NCAIS institution is entitled to one slot to the summer institute, which will have a maximum of fifteen participants. The selection process of each member institution’s NCAIS Summer Institute participant is according to the individual program needs and existing protocols of the member institution. Housing will be provided for free and a maximum of $500 travel expenses will be reimbursed to all participants. Students should apply directly to their NCAIS Faculty Liaison.