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Looking for Native Sovereignty

Map showing the journey of Silverstre Vélez de Escalante in 1775 to Hopi pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona, 1792. VAULT Ayer MS map 229.

Property, Citizenship, and the Violence of Settler Colonialism
Monday, July 13, 2015Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Newberry Library

Center for American Indian Studies Programs
NCAIS Summer Institute

This institute addresses current topics in critical Indigenous Studies through an exploration of the intersections of tribal nations, concepts of property, capitalism, settler colonialism, and neoliberalism. We will begin with a focus on settler colonial violence and the way that violence has served to establish new legal statuses for tribal nations and move to explorations of the interconnections of settler colonialism, capitalism and neoliberalism as structures of violence that indigenous peoples must negotiate as they struggle for sovereignty and self-determination. Drawing upon the Edward Ayer and Everett D. Graff collections, students will investigate the Newberry’s archival materials, including oral history transcripts, photographs, and early publications on Native peoples. Some of the questions this seminar raises include the following: How does an understanding of the history of settler colonialism continue to play out within the legal and political structures through which Native peoples were and continue to be dispossessed? How has settler colonialism transformed indigenous landholding, homemaking, personhood, etc., to create modern tribal nations that in many ways have taken on the same structures as other modern Western nations? In what ways have modern notions of nation reshaped tribal nations to
naturalize concepts of heteropatriarchy that extend to family, marriage and sexuality? How do we apply these analytics to archival documents?

Cost and Registration Information 

Each NCAIS institution is entitled to one slot in the summer institute, which will have a maximum of nineteen participants. The selection process of each member institution’s NCAIS Summer Institute participant is according to the individual program needs and existing protocols of the member institution. Housing will be provided for free at Canterbury Court Apartments and a maximum of $500 travel expenses will be reimbursed to all participants. Students will also receive $600 stipend. Students should apply directly to their NCAIS Faculty Liaison by April 3, 2015.