Native Representations: From Colonialism to Sovereignty | Newberry

Native Representations: From Colonialism to Sovereignty

2009 NCAIS Summer Institute

2009 NCAIS Summer Institute

Monday, July 13, 2009Friday, August 7, 2009


Led by Prof. Jean O’Brien, University of Minnesota and Dr. Scott Stevens, D’Arcy McNickle Center, Newberry Library
NCAIS Summer Institute

This interdisciplinary seminar will combine secondary readings and primary research with a general focus on the complex ways in which representations have figured in a variety of aspects of Native American Studies from popular imagery to American policy to self-representations. Students’ work will draw on a wide variety of materials, ranging from literary and historical to anthropological and visual.

This intensive four-week seminar will begin with two weeks of common readings, tapering gradually as research takes a larger proportion of time towards the end of the second week. Students will use the Newberry collections to respond to issues raised by readings in the first half of the course. Throughout the Institute films germane to our theme will be screened at the Newberry in the late afternoon or early evening as scheduling allows. These are required viewing for discussions.

The instructors intend for the workload to be equivalent to a semester’s, enabling students to arrange independent study credit through their campus faculty. A research essay of 20-30 pages will be required. VIew Syllabus.