2019 NCAIS Summer Institute | Newberry

2019 NCAIS Summer Institute

“Document in Sequoyah Syllabary,” Ayer Modern MS Ballenger

Revitalizing Indigenous Languages
Monday, July 8, 2019Friday, July 26, 2019

Newberry Library

Dr. Margaret Noodin, Dr. Jenny L. Davis, with assistance by Patrick Rochford, Newberry Library
Center for American Indian Studies Programs
NCAIS Summer Institute

This seminar examines Native American and Indigenous language endangerment and revitalization. Drawing on the Edward E. Ayer North and Middle American Indian Linguistics collection, the seminar will consider:

- the print history of Indigenous languages archival materials in language reclamation and maintenance
- the relationship of language to political and cultural revitalization

- endangerment & language realities
- narration & performance
- contemporary creative works
- kinship, gender, & sexuality
- land-based initiatives and environmental agency
- digital domains, media, & technology

Profs. Margaret Noodin and Jenny Davis will lead discussion of readings in the field. Time will be reserved for independent archival research.

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The Summer Institute is only available to graduate students in NCAIS-affiliated institutions