Newberry Renaissance Conference: Cultural Interaction in the Period of European Expansion

Saturday, May 8, 1971
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Early Modern Studies Program

The Renaissance Conference was held at the Newberry Library for many years prior to the founding of the Center for Renaissance Studies in 1979.

Organized by William Schutte, Lawrence University.

Session 1

Asia in the Language and Literature of the Cinquecento
Donald Lach
, University of Chicago

The Manchu Conquest and Its Effects on Dutch Literature
Edwin Van Kley
, Calvin College

David Pingree
, University of Chicago

Session 2

The Influence of Stereotypes on European Views of Non-Western Peoples
Richard Cole
, Luther College

Geography and History in Renaissance America: A Comparative Study of Captain John Smith’s The Generall Historie of Virginia and William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation
Fritzell, Lawrence University

Max Savelle, University of Illinois at Chicago

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