Newberry Renaissance Conference: Petrarch 1374-1974

Saturday, May 4, 1974
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Medieval Studies Program
Early Modern Studies Program

The Renaissance Conference was held at the Newberry Library for many years prior to the founding of the Center for Renaissance Studies in 1979.

Organized by Aldo Scaglione, University of North Carolina.


Lawrence W. Towner, Newberry Library

Session 1

Petrarch 1974: A Sketch for a Portrait
Aldo Scaglione, University of North Carolina

Petrarch’s Poetic Technique in the Rerum vulgarium fragmenta
Maria Picchio Simonelli, Boston College

Session 2

The Structural Development of Petrarca’s Canzone Standomi solo
Fredi Chiappelli, University of California, Los Angeles

Mourners of Petrarch
Benjamin Kohl, Vassar College

Paolo Cherchi, University of Chicago
William Paden, Northwestern University

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