Chicago Map Society: Alexey Postnikov, The First Travel to Tibet by an Educated European: George Bogle’s Mission to Bhutan and Tibet (1774-1775)

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Chicago Map Society Meeting

In 1774, the British East India Company sent a young Scotsman, George Bogle, as their envoy to Bhutan and Tibet. Bogle proved himself a masterful diplomat and actually formed a friendship with the Third Panchen Lama of Tibet. His Memorandums (not published until a hundred years after the mission) contain the record of this relationship and of his keen observations of life and culture at the top of the world. Academician Alexey Postnikov has translated a previously unknown version of Bogle’s report and is at work on a book on the mission. His lecture will outline for us this remarkable and little-known journey and the new information that it provided. The talk will be illustrated by old maps and Alexey’s own original photographs from Bhutan and Tibet.