Nina Dubin, Love, Trust, Risk: Painting "The Papered Century"

Nina Dubin, University of Illinois at Chicago

Nina Dubin, University of Illinois at Chicago

Saturday, April 19, 2014

2 pm

Room 101

Nina Dubin, University of Illinois at Chicago
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Eighteenth-Century Seminar

The eighteenth-century vogue for pictures of women perusing love letters not only marked the age’s affection for epistolarity, it also emblematized the “papered century,” named for the period’s unprecedented proliferation of monetary notes and credit instruments. Dwelling upon the fragility of paper promises, epistolary pictures vivify the precariousness of trust and the romanticization of risk on the eve of modernity.

A reception will follow the seminar.

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Organized by Timothy Campbell, University of Chicago; Lisa A. Freeman, University of Illinois at Chicago; John Shanahan, DePaul University; and Helen Thompson, Northwestern University.

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