1981 NEH Spring Seminar in the Latin and Italian Archival Sciences

Giuseppe Billanovich, Catholic University in Milan

Giuseppe Billanovich, Catholic University in Milan

Wednesday, April 15, 1981Friday, May 29, 1981
The seminar met on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Directed by Giuseppe Billanovich, Catholic University in Milan
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In addition to teaching methods of reading and transcribing Latin and vernacular documents of Italian origin, Professor Billanovich provided an introductory bibliographical orientations to the collections housed in major Italian libraries and archives. Formal lectures on the organization of primary source collections were interspersed with practice transcriptsions from photographic reproductions. Supplementing the classroom work were individual tutorials on transcribing and editing materials connected with each student’s research project and lectures by visiting scholars.

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Adjunct lectures

April 17: Antonio da Legnao and the Codex Optimus of Seneca’s Tragedies
Alexander MacGregor, University of Illinois at Chicago

May 6: Manuscript and Print in the Fifteenth Century

Richard Rouse, University of California, Los Angeles (now emeritus)

May 15: Nugae palaeographicae: An Investigation into Paleographical Trifles
W. Braxton Ross, University of Chicago

May 22: Problems in Editing Patristic Texts

James W. Halporn, Indiana University

May 29: The Cataloging of Manuscript Books

Paul Saenger, Northwestern University and the Newberry Library

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