Graduate Seminar: David Buisseret

David Buisseret, Newberry Library
David Buisseret, Newberry Library
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar
Wednesday, April 3, 1985 to Wednesday, May 22, 1985

The Cartography of the Renaissance: Changing Perceptions of Space in Early Modern Europe

David Buisseret, Newberry Library

In Early Modern Europe, the transformation of spatial perceptions almost amounted to a mental revolution.  This course aimed to trace that transformation, using both the original documents and the secondary sources available at the Newberry.  It will deal not only with the image of the extra-European world, but also with the novel ways in which the Europeans came to see their own living-space.  These cartographic perceptions came in time to modify ways of governing the state, waging war, and organizing agriculture.  The course should be of interest to a wide variety of historians as well as to anthropologists, political scientists, and geographers.

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