Graduate Seminar: Mark D. Johnston

Mark D. Johnston, currently teaching at DePaul University

Mark D. Johnston, currently teaching at DePaul University

Friday, March 22, 1991Friday, May 24, 1991
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Ramon Llull and Lullism: Lay Learning and Popular Spirituality, 1300-1500

Mark D. Johnston, Illinois State University

currently teaching at DePaul University

This seminar was focused on Ramon Llull and Lullism as a basis for studying the interaction of lay learning and piety in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.  Selected readings from Llull’s oeuvre will illustrate the scope of lay educational and devotional interests engaged by his work.  Particular attention was paid to issues of lay asceticism, natural theology, vernacular education, popular encyclopedism, and arts of memory as they contribute to an understanding of how Lullist texts and doctrines served both “semi-learned” lay and learned clerical audiences.  Other interests such as astrology, alchemy, and cabalism which were associated apocryphally with Llull after 1530 will also be discussed.  Use was made of the newberry Library’s collection of modern editions and English versions of Lull’s works, as well as the collection of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Lullist editions. 

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