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Cartography and Spatial Analysis in American Indian Studies

Thursday, March 18, 2010Saturday, March 20, 2010
Led by Prof. Jon Parmenter, Cornell University
Center for American Indian Studies Programs
NCAIS Spring Workshop in Research Methods

This interdisciplinary workshop engages this central issue in American Indian Studies by confronting head-on one of the key instruments employed in the colonization of indigenous homelands: maps. While acknowledging that maps embody the values and goals of their makers, the workshop aims nevertheless to assess their potential, and the potential of spatially-oriented inquiry more generally, for pushing the field of American Indian Studies in new and interesting directions. What can maps tell us about the historical experience of American Indian nations? How do maps function in a colonial context? Can the study of historical maps improve our awareness of the use of space (not just its occupancy) by American Indians? How have American Indian people understood, employed, and/or resisted cartography? View Syllabus.