Jane Hong, Occidental College | Newberry

Jane Hong, Occidental College

Friday, March 4, 2022

3-5 pm CST

Virtual seminar, register for link

Religion and Culture in the Americas Seminar

Higher Callings: Asians and Asian Americans in the Transformation of U.S. Evangelical Seminaries, Jane H. Hong, Occidental College

From dedicated Korean programs to Asian American centers and courses, the influence of Asians and Asian Americans on U.S. evangelical seminaries is hard to miss. Using Fuller Theological Seminary (CA) as a case study, this paper asks how evangelical seminaries have grappled with growing racial diversity beyond the black-white color line. How has the post-1965 influx of Asian international and Asian American students, faculty, and staff changed U.S. theological education and Christian higher education over the past half century? And how should we understand these changes during a time when immigrant, pan-Asian, and multi-ethnic congregations have multiplied alongside the decline of predominantly white churches?

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