Medieval Britain 1066–1307 through Historical Fiction | Newberry

Medieval Britain 1066–1307 through Historical Fiction

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
(This program continues for multiple sessions)
Wednesdays, February 20 – April 24

5:45 – 7:45 pm

Led by Matthew Bird

Explore the highlights of Medieval British history—including the Norman Conquest, the Anarchy, the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland, and the Conquest of Wales—through quality historical fiction. Novels by Morgan Llywelyn, Georgette Heyer, Sharon Penman, and others will introduce the period. With the readings as background, we will discuss topics such as church-state relations, food and drink, medicine, land tenure and military service, law and commerce, and the role of women in society. There is no reading assignment for the first class, but participants may begin reading 1066: The Year of the Conquest.

Matthew Bird, a law librarian and independent scholar, holds a B.A. in history from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in international politics from the University of Wales.

Materials List
Any edition of the following:
Howarth, David. 1066, The Year of Conquest.
Anouilh, Jean. Becket.
Goldman, James. The Lion in Winter.
Duby, Georges. William Marshal.
Penman, Sharon. Falls the Shadow.

The recommended texts for this seminar are out of print. The instructor will provide copies of the following:
Heyer, Georgette. The Conqueror. OR Morgan Llywelyn, The Wind from Hastings.
Marstone, Edward. The Wolves of Savernake.
Llywelyn, Morgan. Strongbow.

This class is part of the Newberry’s Adult Education Seminars Program.

Cost and Registration Information 

Ten sessions, $210
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