NTC: Coming of Age on the Screens: Youth, Culture, and Politics in Latin American Film, 1960-2000s

Thursday, February 16, 2012

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Room 101

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From the working-class children running along a moving train and asking its passengers for a dime in Fernando Birri’s documentary Tire Dié (Throw me a Dime, Argentina, 1961) to the story of the two middle-class boys pursuing a hedonistic and sexualized “road trip” in Alfonso Cuadrón’s Y tu mamá también (And your Mum Too, Mexico, 2001), youth have been at the center of cinematographic representations in the last five decades of Latin American film. Participants in this seminar will explore the changes and continuities in the cinematographic representations of youth in an effort to analyze its cultural, political, and sexual meanings. Using a diverse collection of film clips and a variety of short academic pieces, this seminar will examine key themes such as the associations of youth with political mobilization and revolution; gender and sexuality; street violence and drugs; the legacies of civil wars and State terrorism; and, ultimately, the ways in which Latin Americans projected onto youth their anxieties regarding their future.

Seminar led by Valeria Mansano, University of Chicago

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