Paths To "Democracy" In Post-Communist Europe

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Newberry Teachers' Consortium
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This seminar will suggest a paradigm for thinking about democratic development in post-Communist Europe. Participants will assess three patterns: the violently traumatic path of Yugoslav disintegration, the downhill path to the European Union, and the strident “sovereignty” path driven by 20th century ethno-nationalism.  The contrasting results and consequences will be reviewed, along with the common issues and problems faced and the uneven record of countries from Russia to Albania to Poland.  Some effort will be made to synthesize the experience of countries with Communism and to offer a  prognosis for systemic socialism.  The broad objective of the seminar will be to provide perspective on political and economic change in highly constrained 21st century environments.

Seminar led by Richard Farkas, DePaul University

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