Graduate Seminar: Allen Debus

Allen G. Debus, University of Chicago
Allen G. Debus, University of Chicago
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar
Wednesday, January 4, 1984 to Wednesday, February 22, 1984

Renaissance Intellectual History: The Problem of the New Science

Allen G. Debus, University of Chicago

The seminar explored the early phases of the Scientific Revolution of the sixtenth and seventeenth centuries.  Special emphasis was placed on primary sources, and a broad spectrum of authors was examined, ranging from John Dee and Paracelsus to Galileo and Harvey.  Topics covered included alchemy, natural magic, and educational reform, as well as astronomy, the physics of motion, and the scientific methodologies of Bacon and Descartes.  The seminar was offered during the fall and winter quarters; emphasis during the winter was placed on the preparation of a required research paper.

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